The HRA Group’s story began over 40 years ago when its founders immigrated to Canada. Since its early days in the wholesale polished diamond business, the HRA Group has since expanded into a global business which spans the entire diamond supply chain, from rough trading, rough diamond manufacturing, polished diamonds and diamond jewellery to jewellery retail.

We are headquartered in Vancouver, Canada and have offices and factories all of the world. Through years of hard work and innovation, HRA is seen as a market leader. Our team takes pride in their ability to challenge themselves to find new solutions to address the changing needs of our industry and partners. HRA works collaboratively with each partner to find a solution that works best for them.

The HRA Group has a particular interest and focus on innovation and technology in the diamond industry.


Our goal is to always be true to our core values in every touch point with our business partners, our employees and our customers.

Our core values are to be candid, motivational, hardworking, problem solving experts in the diamond industry.


The HRA Group team is comprised of all types of people with all types of experience. We have diamond industry veterans, computer engineers, and even some computer engineer diamond veterans. We have software programmers and creative designers, lawyers and sales professionals.

This collaborative approach is designed to bring a fresh perspective to the diamond industry. To see what works in other areas of life and to bring those ideas to our industry. Our brand values are to be candid, motivational, hardworking, problem solving experts in the diamond industry, and we do our best to live by those standards in every touch point with our customers.



As responsible corporate citizens and a leader in our industry, it is important for our company to live up to the highest standards of sustainability practices.



We believe in being leaders in our industry in practices and standards in our operations that promote ESG related issues. The Group is a proud member of the Responsible Jewellery Council where we are annually audited to ensure our best practices evolve to the highest standard and that we use every improvement opportunity to make our company a better place for our employees, our customers and our partners.

Carbon Neutrality

HRA Group was the first major diamond manufacturer to officially become carbon neutral. We work with a consulting firm to purchase credits and invest in socially conscious projects to offset the carbon footprint that we create. It is our commitment to do our best to not let our company’s operations negatively affect the environment.